The Person Robert Seegers

Dr. HC Robert Seegers LL.M. absolved the degree of the jurisprudence at the University of Cologne; parallel to this he also visited lectures in the Faculty of Psychology. As early as 1990 he taught jurisprudence in constitutional and administrative law for many years to more than 5000 students in the whole of Germany. Early on, he discovered that success in life and thus in profession not only depends on technical qualifications, but also in how to deal with humans. The human being should be the focus. Their desire and longing for recognition, acceptance, trust, respect and understanding must be taken into account.

In the years 1991 and 1992 Robert Seegers had already began to deal with alternative dispute resolution procedures and visited seminars in the USA and Canada. As a lawyer he concentrated on territories concerning sport-, marketing- and sponsorship laws as well as traffic laws in all its facets. Further more, he remained loyal to his affection for the legal science and gave, from 1994 as a visiting professor for jurisprudence, lectures at the European faculty of the State University in Plovdiv.

In 1995 he absolved the master of Laws (LL.M). For many years Robert Seegers held lectures for a federal association on the topic of the expert’s activity and published in 1997 ″ABC der Sachverständigentätigkeit″, a practical guide devoted to the ABC of the expert’s activity and subsequently ″ABC der Sachverständigengebühren″ also a practical guide but based on the ABC of the expert witness fees.

In 1999, together with Dr. jurist Hans A. Geisler, he published, the ″Handbuch für Fitness- und Freizeitanlagenbetreiber″, a practical guide for fitness- and leisure plant operators, the first determining signpost about the contents and the admissibility of general terms of business for the fitness branch.

In 2001 Robert Seegers published another book titled ″Miteinander reden statt streiten. Mediation: Die Zukunft der Konfliktlösung″ which concerned cooperation talking instead of fighting. Mediation: The future of the conflict resolution. He brought his experience on this territory, within the scope of his lectures as a visiting professor, into the development and further advancement of the University del Golfo in Tampico. His vision consisted in understanding the legal laws not only as a representative of the mutually unyielding opinions of different legal positions but in setting up, by the installation of the Mediation, conflict resolutions already in the approach of juridical litigations under the motto ″having the right or trying to gain it is the one side, the other side being justice is also to be achieved without law enforcement claims by humanity and mutual understanding of the opponents″ . For this he received in 2004 the title of the honorary Doctor of the university.

In the same year Robert Seegers published another book with the title ″Mensch sein″ or ″Be human″ an experience report based on the knowledge of what it really depends on in the daily dealings of human beings amongst each other. His activity as a lawyer and conflict manager in the area of alternative conflict resolution procedures always gave him the knowledge that the conflicts can only be meaningful and on a long term basis when the emotions, interests and needs of the persons concerned are taken into account.

In 2007 he launched a series of seminars concerning ″Personnel shares″. In the economy the competition takes place to a large extent on the marketplace of corporate cultures. The Enterprises and Companies that want to stabilize or increase their success and development must make it their responsibility to contribute and support also the promotion of an ethically stamped enterprise and leadership culture.

In 2008 Robert Seegers was appointed as University Teacher for Professional Ethics and still works with enthusiasm on the territory of the code of ethics. As a partner of the law praxis he, and his partner at the time, decided in 2008 that their chancellery should explicitly specify on the legal territory concerning traffic laws.

Furthermore, in 2010 he was appointed as Professor for Reconciliation at the University of the Americas in the USA.

In Mai 2016 he published his new book with the title “Die Aktie ICH”.

Robert Seegers is an authentic and reliable person. As well as being creative and multifaceted he is also a maker and visionary.

Robert Seegers is just ″human being″ .